5 Powerful Ways to Reboot Your Body and Mind

Getting ready for the spring season

At the end of winter, many of us have a conditional battery that is almost empty. To regain strength and meet spring in a good mood, we offer five effective ways to recharge.

Give your body a break

Constant stress, chaotic nutrition and inadequate sleep affect health and appearance. Give your body a break. To do this, it is enough to adjust the mode and follow simple rules. Try intermittent fasting to relieve your bowels. If you can’t arrange fasting, then replace one meal with a healthy smoothie (preferably from green vegetables, but it is better to refuse fruits). Go to bed before 12 o’clock, so sleep will be better. And periodically arrange a digital detox, this will help reduce stress levels in everyday life.

Pay attention to your scalp

Hair health starts at the scalp, but this area is often neglected by many. Acid peels once a week, clay scalp masks, serums – all this will help balance the condition of the scalp and make hair healthier. In the evening, try a massage with a comb with flexible bristles, this procedure will increase blood circulation in the scalp area, relieve muscle spasms and help you relax before going to bed.

Breathe right

Most of us do not breathe properly, usually we use up to 20 percent of our lungs. Harvard University research has found that breathing exercises can relieve stress, and there is evidence that effective breathing can help you lose weight. Try breathing in slowly through your nose with your mouth closed for 10 seconds, then exhale again for 10 seconds. Breathe softly and calmly, without any extra effort. Repeat this cycle 10 times to calm down and relax.

Eat Healthy Fats

If your skin suffers from dryness, then increasing the amount of healthy fats in your diet can help you get rid of this problem. After the age of 30, the amount of lipids in the skin decreases dramatically, so it is better to adjust the diet and include healthy fats in it. Add avocados, a generous serving of cold-pressed vegetable oil, oily fish, and nuts to your daily diet. By the way, fats also significantly reduce cravings for sweets, which also has a positive effect on the health and beauty of the skin.

Use sleep oils

Studies show that a sleepless night can increase anxiety by up to 30% and also has a negative impact on memory and brain function. Sleep is important not only for physical but also for mental health. If you have trouble sleeping, it makes sense to try the new generation of aromatherapy oils. These products contain special herbs and essential oils that soothe the nervous system. Apply oil to your wrists and chest one hour before bed. Repeat the ritual every night, and after a week you will notice the result.