How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon and Not Spend a Fortune

More and more women come to plastic surgeons not for “new” noses and breasts, but in order to correct the “old” ones made by unprofesional doctors. We will tell you how to choose a specialist so that you do not have to correct the “mistakes”.

How to find a plastic surgeon and not spend a fortune?

Plastic surgery is becoming more accessible, which means that it is becoming more and more popular among women of all ages. Sources from the Ministry of Health say that blepharoplasty, breast augmentation with implants and rhinoplasty are the most common operations. Also in the top “hits” included facelift, liposuction and lipofilling. However, these are not all plastic trends. Another type of operation became more widespread – “correcting mistakes” by another surgeon. The expert tells about what is being corrected after unsuccessful plastic surgery and how to find a truly high-class doctor.

Indeed, many women ask for a “makeover”. Generally, patients express dissatisfaction with the result of mammoplasty performed in other clinics. Women are worried about breast asymmetry, unaesthetic appearance (the implants did not fit: they turned out to be too large or, on the contrary, too small). And for some clients, the implants “rolled down” under the armpits because of the wide interthoracic distance … There are also problems that are not related to appearance. Most often, these include the rupture of the implant or the occurrence of capsular contracture (the formation of dense fibrous tissue, as if pushing the implant) – and this has to be redone.

Plastic surgery is really on the rise now and is becoming more and more popular. But along with this, it is now much more complicated. There is a growing demand for more complex operations that can only be performed by truly highly qualified specialists. For example, not just “make your breasts bigger”, but completely correct congenital asymmetry. Such queries, as well as “correcting errors”, are much more difficult to work with.

How to recognize a non-professional surgeon?

The surgeon never gives guarantees and promises nothing. He should not persuade the patient to do something – this is wrong. During plastic surgery, a certain percentage of success depends on the patient’s body, on how the patient’s body perceives a particular trauma. If you heard from a surgeon during a consultation that “everything will be fine”, if he gives you a 100% guarantee and a lifetime result, it means that you are being deceived. Such a surgeon is simply interested in performing the operation at all costs and making money.

I can give only one piece of advice: turn on your intuition. Surely a professional surgeon will not meet patients in his apartment or in some basement. This is only a specialized clinic with certification. It should have an operating room that is clean and tidy, with a welcoming environment and helpful staff. Each clinic chooses its own style and it is difficult to evaluate it only by this factor: for some, the standard is English chic in the interior, but for others it is Scandinavian simplicity, and all this is not bad. And for the surgeon, eyes, hands, a felt-tip pen and a ruler are enough. Perhaps that’s all.

Signs of a truly competent doctor First of all, one must understand that a high-class surgeon is also a person. Some are more active, some less; someone is a born to be good speakers, bit other speaks concisely and only to the point. You should not draw any conclusions, only based on how a person communicates. Still, the surgeon’s