Stop Stressing! Why Walking Burns More Fat Than Running

Our body is designed in such a way that fat burns in the so-called aerobic pulse zone. Usually, when a coach says this “spell” to his client, he understands it as something difficult, scary and unattainable. Although in fact it is just about activity at a low heart rate. However, let’s deal with everything in order.

Slowly but surely: how energy is spent in the aerobic zone

Our body has several pulse zones. Activity in the aerobic zone allows us to speak calmly without being out of breath – the work takes place at a low heart rate. At this moment, our body has enough oxygen to ensure the work of the muscles of the heart and, accordingly, it is in this mode that fat is burned. In this case, it is fat that serves us as fuel. That is why a young mother, taking care of her baby from morning till night, will burn fat much faster than a conventional top manager who sits in the office all day and goes down to her luxurious fitness club for one hour to get a proper workout.

“Oxygen debt”: what happens to the body in the anaerobic activity zone

As soon as the pulse rises, the body begins to consume fat. Other processes are already involved – the so-called oxygen debt is formed, and we leave the aerobic zone for the anaerobic one. In this case, we do not have enough oxygen to ensure the work of the body during exercise.

Thus, fat is mainly consumed at a maximum at a pulse of about 120-130 beats per minute. This is great news for those who hate fitness for “sweat and tears” – because at such a pulse there is a maximum consumption of fat due to the fact that the body feels comfortable: it receives a large amount of oxygen, which is very necessary for the breakdown of fat.

Naturally, everyone has an individual pulse. Therefore, 120-130 strokes can be considered an average value at which most people enter those very “oxygen zones” of increased fat burning.

Ideal for weight loss: walk or workout?

The ideal activity for aerobic weight loss is walking. It is important that it be productive enough – at the same pace, with a heart rate of 120-130 beats per minute. This means that you need to continuously step, using your hands, which, in turn, will set the pace for your legs. Such a walk should be long enough – from 40 minutes to one and a half or even two hours. With these parameters, it will turn into a full-fledged workout!

How to motivate yourself to go outside and start losing weight

Significantly overweight people often avoid going to the gym because they are embarrassed about their size (and completely in vain). By going outside and taking the necessary pace, losing weight can reduce embarrassment – because from the outside he will look like a person who is simply late.

Equipment Minimum

Today, sneakers are an absolute and undeniable trend for any occasion. In this case, you only need a comfortable pair of equipment. Well, instead of a bag in one hand – a backpack behind his back.

Opportunity to learn something new

Didn’t find a friend who will wind circles with you around the nearest park? Use headphones: listen to music, podcasts, learn foreign languages. You can praise yourself for the fact that you train the body and brain at the same time!

When you see the first results, you will want to move on. If you find a road with a slight up and down, then the hamstring and gluteal muscles are very well engaged. Strengthen the largest muscles in the body – and after that, for further improvement of the body, go to conquer the fitness club. There, a fairly intense functional training will most likely seem easy to you, and fears with embarrassment will finally evaporate.