What Is The Danger Of Frequent Shampooing

How often should you wash your hair?

Modern girls are divided into two types: some wash their hair regularly, others – every other day or two. Which of them is right is a mystery to everyone. Together with an expert, we decided to judge the girls and put an end to a long argument on a sensitive topic. So, how often you really need to wash your hair so that they stay healthy and beautiful for a long time, says our friendly expert.

What is the danger of frequent shampooing

“Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. As with everything in life. However, we can highlight the key factors that affect the frequency of shampooing each of us, ”says the expert.


One of the main factors affecting the frequency of hair washing is the natural texture of the strands. It’s simple:

Curly hair stays fresh much longer than straight hair, respectively, curly hair can be washed less frequently, about once every 4-5 days, straight hair once every 2-3 days.


On curly hair, the secret of the sebaceous glands is much more difficult to spread, on straight hair it is much easier and faster. So straight hair gets dirty faster, and needs to be washed more often.


Hair texture is an innate human feature that affects hair care. In addition, it is also important to take into account the acquired beauty habits that affect the purity of the strands – they can be adjusted as needed.

These include personal preference. For example, there are girls who like to wash their hair every day until it squeaks, even if it is not necessary. Like – and that’s it! So the scalp gradually gets used to such a routine, adjusts and becomes stale in a short period of time.


Another acquired habit that pollutes your hair is touching your hair with your hands. The fact is that we ourselves involuntarily dirty the styling, transferring the secret of the skin from the fingers to the hair: when we are passionate about something, we hold our heads with our hands, winding the strand around our fingers. Or when we comb our hair often. All these habits accelerate hair pollution.


– When washing your hair, thoroughly shampoo your hair, preferably twice.

– Distribute the conditioner only on the length of the hair.

– Try to wash your hair only with warm water, do not wash it hot.

– Try not to touch your hair with your hands during the day.

– Do not forget to also wash your comb, styling tools that you use regularly.

– Don’t forget to prolong the freshness of your hair with dry shampoo.

– Hair that is dyed with permanent dyes or lightened every month gets less dirty. Especially the first couple of weeks after staining.