How To Arrange A Digital Detox For Yourself?

Digital detox is a conscious, voluntary refusal of a person for a certain time from using the Internet, gadgets and other digital devices in order to take a break from the virtual world and the information flow. In turbulent times, such a “respite” will help relieve stress and tension, and switch attention to other activities. Femme4 tells what it takes to consciously give up gadgets for a certain time and give the brain a chance to rest and recover.

Make your gadgets harder to access

Start small: if you have set the screen to automatically unlock every time you pick up your smartphone or just look at it, turn them off. Even such a small obstacle as having to enter a password can stop you from scrolling aimlessly through social networks and the Facebook news feed.

Update your phone settings

Decrease the brightness on your phone, or turn on the black and white mode. In addition to the fact that your favorite “toy” will immediately become less attractive for you, such settings are safer for your eyesight and nervous system.

Use airplane mode

Start using airplane mode on more than just an airplane. If you are not expecting really important calls or messages, switch off for at least an hour. In the future, the interval can be increased (for example, turn off the phone for several hours on weekends). Over time, you will notice that you have become calmer to experience time without a smartphone.

Remove unwanted apps

Analyze which social networks and mobile applications are really needed for your work or education, then organize them into folders and move them to the first pages of the screen for quick access. The rest can be ruthlessly removed, or at least moved away.

Leave your phone in another room at night

No need to fall asleep and wake up with the phone, leave this time for yourself and your thoughts. A great solution is to leave the gadget overnight in another room, or at least move it a decent distance away. You will find that night rest has become much more effective, and at the same time your well-being improves.

Replace “surfing” the Internet with other activities

Set a day for yourself when you will spend a few hours without your phone and do other interesting things: go for a walk, work out, or invite friends over.