What to do If You Have Dry Lips?

Forget about balms!

How to smear your lips so that they stop looking like sandpaper and do not crack? It is unambiguously difficult to answer the question, and it is incorrect to argue in this way, although you want to solve everything with a balm with the smell of vanilla in five minutes. No, lip balm will not solve the problem globally, nor will your active drinking regime with liters of water per day; all this is excellent, but it has nothing to do with dryness of the skin of the lips. What is the reason for the dry skin of the lips and how to put them in order? We decided to ask an expert.


Yes, yes, yes, you will have to approach the solution of the issue thoroughly, you cannot do without taking tests. Make sure you are not deficient in vitamin A, B vitamins; if there is, then the lips will be dry for a long time. For example, dry lips and cracks in the corners of the mouth are caused by a lack of vitamin B2 in the body, according to the expert. It is found in eggs, lettuce, herbs, nuts, dairy products, red meat, and fish.


Make sure that your diet contains at least four tablespoons of unrefined vegetable oil per day: olive, hemp, camelina, flaxseed – any, alternate them with each other. And also, according to the expert, to prevent dry lips, you should start taking omega-3 fatty acids. Don’t expect immediate positive results, be patient. Fats will help the cells retain fluid and thereby reduce dry skin.


Lip balm should be applied exclusively before going outside: the product creates a protective layer that protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment, the skin does not breathe at this moment. Therefore, at home, experts advise leaving your lips alone and not applying balm.

Fragrance-free balms and volume effect

If the balm contains mineral oils, petroleum jelly, paraffin, fragrances, alcohol-containing substances, then you do not need it. These include menthol balms that promise to add volume to your lips. You need one that is made on the basis of natural vegetable oils, beeswax with a neutral perfume. And remember: you need to apply the balm only before going outside, during outdoor activities in the cold season, but not at home.


Cosmetologists advise to moisturize the skin of the lips with a regular face cream. You can use your favorite night cream, eye cream without retinol – everything will be in place. Today you can even find a special lip cream if you want to get confused. The skin of the lips needs no less hydration than the skin of the face, but even more. If only because the skin of the lips is at least one layer thinner than the skin of the face. They even differ in color: the lips have a characteristic reddish tint due to closely spaced blood vessels, and the skin has a natural bodily tint.


Regenerants are nourishing ointments and creams that help restore and heal inflammatory elements on the skin, wounds, and dryness. The expert recommends using them only in case of extreme dryness and damage to the skin of the lips. Among the most popular drugs: Methyluracil, Solcoseryl, Radevit.


Of course, if the lips are inflamed, with wounds and bruises, then there is no need to torment them with scrubbing. But as a preventive measure, once a week, you can apply a scrub to the skin of the lips to remove keratinized scales. You can make a scrub at home by mixing a regular cream with sugar, or you can buy a ready-made one. After the procedure, apply a moisturizer to your skin, never a balm.


When there is absolutely no time to wait and lead a healthy lifestyle, the expert offers to undergo a moisturizing injection procedure for lips – biorevitalization. The patient does not receive changes in the volume and shape of the lips, but the condition and quality of skin tissues improves markedly.


Dry air in the room also negatively affects the condition of the skin of the lips: the skin becomes dehydrated, cracked, peeling. Beauticians advise using special humidifiers to partially help retain moisture in the skin. It is worth noting that oily skin lacks moisture in the room less than dry and combination skin, but this is only a matter of time.