5 Trendy Cold Weather Skirts Worn By Women Who Value Themselves And Their Comfort

With the onset of cold weather, many women give up skirts. And in vain! There are a number of models that will make you look sophisticated and stylish even in sub-zero temperatures. In this article, we tell you about them!

Midi skirt in eco leather

Leather skirts have been on the catwalks for a season now. And no wonder: they look really dramatic! And if you’re worried about the ‘synthetics not keeping you warm’ look, here’s some good news: we have a fleece skirt for colder winters.

The choice of cut depends on your style and preferences: straight, flared, pencil, smell – you choose! The main thing is that the length should be above the knee. This is the easiest way to maintain a balance between warmth, comfort and beauty.

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt is an eternal classic of the autumn and winter wardrobe. And in this season it is more relevant than ever. The performance can be very different: in fine wool, polyester and already mentioned eco-leather. In any format this piece will be universal and combinable with any variant of images.

Including the super-warm ones. No one will know you’re wearing warm fleece-lined drawers, thermal underwear or wool tights underneath the luxurious skirt!

Chunky knit tube skirt

Knitwear is the most popular fabric during the cold season. The same can be said about straight cut skirts. Their combination yields stunningly comfortable things: always relevant, feminine, versatile. And most importantly it is warm enough!

If this cut seems boring to you, pay attention to models with slits. And not only because they’re on-trend: rolling out along the thigh will add slimness, visually elongate the silhouette, give a beautiful accent to the hips and make the image more effective.

Wool A-silhouette skirt

Wool is a unique material, which knows how to warm and not to spoil the figure. And diverging to the bottom of a cut of noble length below the knee looks beautifully on women of any age, complexion or height. Therefore, a warm midi skirt of this format is the best thing for winter.

Like its “sister” – pleated – wool midi skirt A-silhouette is very versatile. It will be appropriate in all “everyday” variants of dress-codes (walking, work, meeting with friends, going to an inexpensive restaurant or to the birthday party). In addition, it is very easy to “fit” into any image and wardrobe.

Corduroy pencil skirt

This cut is a true ode to femininity. And that is not surprising: its main feature – accent on hips and waist. And the pencil skirt is also loved for the fact that it can be easily adapted to any occasion and image in life.

If traditional wool formats are boring for you, opt for the current trendy corduroy.

Choose noble colours such as purple, wine and emerald. They’re a great addition to your wardrobe for the cold season. And pay attention to texture: chubbier women are better to choose a skirt in a small stretch, because the large can make you look fat.

Many of the skirts that designers offer are great even for cold weather – especially when combined with tights. So looking stylish and expensive in winter is a realistic proposition.