What Is Skin-Fasting?

The fashion for minimalism has also reached the beauty routine: skin-fasting, or “cosmetic starvation”, has been gaining popularity among girls around the world for a few years now. Together with an expert from the professional cosmetics brand [ comfort zone ], we will understand what skin fasting is, who it is recommended for, and how to adjust your grooming routine so as not to overload your skin.

“There is a mixed opinion on beauty fasting. A complete withdrawal from beauty products is not always beneficial, and in a number of situations it is contraindicated (the presence of chronic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc.). It’s important to sort out what set of beauty products we have so that we can use them without “overloading” our skin. I’m not a skin-fastener as minimal skin care should always be in place. In the summer period, we can do a little unloading for a short period (1 to 3 days) to restore the natural working capacity of the skin.

In winter, cleansing and toning is a must, as is cream based on your skin type (dense, nourishing textures with a protective function are recommended), and products with antioxidant properties are ideal. Not forgetting the special, sensitive lip area, use a lip balm on a regular basis.

Skin-fasting involves the total absence of cosmetics and make-up, so we don’t use anything in this situation.

Acne is a contraindication for skin-fasting. As the condition is a dermatological condition, the skin will a priori not be able to function fully on its own.

If you do opt for skin fasting, you can speed up the process of detoxifying your skin with the following treatments. An infrared cabin/sauna will help to create an optimal detox effect and boost the immune system, both locally in the skin and throughout the body. Facial massages, including those performed with lymphatic drainage techniques, also help to detoxify. In addition, there is a clever bio mechanism directly in the skin cells called autophagy, which is self-cleaning and peaks at night between 11 p.m. and 3 or 4 a.m., during which time the skin recovers perfectly, while nighttime activity at the laptop or phone screen interferes with the process”.

So skin-fasting is a pretty radical method of abandoning skincare products and make-up. In a metropolitan city, such an experiment is unlikely to succeed. But a light “diet” for the skin (a delicate cleanser, toner and cream according to the skin type) will definitely give a positive effect after 2-3 weeks.