7 Simple Habits That Will Make Your Hair Beautiful

Trim your ends regularly. Even if your goal is to grow out your hair long, you should visit a handyman every 1-2 months. By regularly cutting back around half an inch of split ends, your locks will grow back beautiful and healthy, and at a doubled rate.

Protect your hair from the cold. There’s a reason our parents made us wear a hat when we were kids: not only does it keep us warm and reduce our risk of catching colds, it also protects our hair from the damaging effects of cold temperatures. Stylish hats, caps and panama hats not only protect your hair from the cold but also make a great addition to the look. 

Use thermal protection. High temperatures are just as damaging to your hair as cold temperatures, so experts say always use heat-protectant serums and oils (especially if you regularly style your hair with a hair dryer or styler).

Multi-step care. Even the best and most suitable shampoo (read here how to choose the perfect one) has the primary function of cleansing the hair, while moisturising, nourishing and strengthening it requires the use of conditioners and masks. You don’t need to buy a lot of expensive products; natural oils work great for this function.

Massage. The intensity of hair growth and health depends primarily on the condition of the scalp. Regular scalp massage stimulates blood circulation and is beneficial for your curls. The massage can be done by hand, with special massage brushes or gouache crystals. 

Scalp exfoliation. Removing impurities and dead skin cells on a regular basis should not only be done on your face and body, but also on your scalp. Now the market offers a huge number of special scrubs and exfoliators for the scalp, with various caring components. Do peeling 2-3 times a month, and a nice change in the appearance of your hair won’t be long in coming.

Take care of your diet. No matter what great products you use, your hair needs nourishment from within as well as from the outside. Avitaminosis is one of the most common causes of dry, brittle hair, so make sure your body is getting the basics it needs. A healthy diet should include healthy fats, vitamins E and D as well as a host of minerals.