5 Make-Up Mistakes That Make You Look Older

What not to do

Sometimes even the smallest mistakes in makeup can noticeably harm a girl’s image as a whole, visually making her look older. Don’t worry, you don’t need to graduate from a makeup course to always look your best, just follow a few simple beauty rules, be neat and consistent. Irina Golubeva, celebrity makeup artist, blogger, founder of IG Beauty brand, told us about five most common makeup mistakes to avoid in order not to be embarrassed.

1. Forgetting to powder your face

“After applying foundation, many girls often forget to powder their face and immediately proceed to contouring, which is fundamentally wrong. This leads to an uneven, blotchy finish with the bronzer on damp skin. You will either have to shade those spots or remove makeup and reapply colour and bronzer,” says Irina.

So don’t forget to apply transparent powder before applying your foundation to even out your complexion and prepare your skin for makeup.

2. Applying too much mascara on your lashes

You don’t want to smear too much mascara on your lashes. It is enough to accentuate the look, painting your lashes once or twice. Otherwise, the look will look very heavy, unkempt and covered up. In addition, because of the excess product on the lashes, mascara can also crumble, darken the area under the eyes.

Make-up artist’s tips:

When applying mascara, put a brush directly under the lashes, not on the edges, and carefully brush the lashes from the roots to the ends;

While mascara is still on, let your gaze drift downwards and place your finger in the lash growth area for 5-10 seconds. This technique will help to further curl the lashes and give them the right direction.

3. Choosing a complex shade of blush and applying it in the wrong place

“Try to avoid complex blush shades. Such products are usually difficult to adapt to everyday makeup, they look unnatural and sometimes even painful, resembling a fine rash. Give preference to natural shades: soft pink, peach-pink, peach – depending on your skin tone,” advises the expert.

The main mistake when using a blusher is to apply it to the “triangle” area of the face, under the eyes. It is better to apply blusher to the appendages of the cheeks: smile and flatten the blusher, tousling it upwards towards the temples. It’s important to respect the direction of the mascara lines. Don’t forget, all facial lines are parallel and pointing upwards.

4. outline your lips with a pencil and go beyond the contour of your lips

Stepping out of contour with pencil, a beauty gimmick that girls think is meant to visually enhance lips, can sometimes be detrimental to makeup. “This is not the way to do it! The main volume in the lips should be in the centre. And in order to create natural volume on the lips, you should start to pencil your lips from the centre of the lips, from the tick to the outer corners, and then darken this area with a pencil. On the centre of the lips, apply a lighter shade of lipstick, gloss or lip oil, “- advises Irina.

5. Make several bright accents in the image

Making several accents in the makeup for both eyes and lips is quite risky. According to the expert, it is better to limit yourself to one accent in everyday makeup and preferably in one area. Otherwise, you run the risk of a martial doll look that will visually make you look older.