Detox in 24 Hours: 6 Simple Ideas

What to do for a quick wellness reset

Now, during self-isolation, many of us take liberties in food and drink. Few manage to refrain from revelry. But summer is coming, which means open dresses and micro shorts. How to meet warmth fully armed and quickly regain good shape and work vigor?

Fortunately, a few simple steps lead to a quick recovery, and the effect will be noticeable in a day. A nutritionist promises that a quick detox according to her advice will give effect in just 24 hours, relieving drowsiness, bloating and bags under the eyes.


Get to bed early without gorging at night and leaving distractions like laptops and smartphones outside your bedroom doorstep. “Comfortable, long, healthy sleep is the basis for detoxification and rejuvenation,” shares the nutritionist. “Sleep helps in weight loss, stress and cortisol production, and overall well-being.” The best part is that it is absolutely effortless: just make sure the bedroom is not hot, the pillow is comfortable, tomorrow is a day off, and allow yourself a 10-hour tour to the kingdom of Morpheus.


… and right before you go to bed. And a few more – during the day. “Refueling with water upon waking up  refreshes and energizes every cell, because in a few hours without additional hydration, the body is slowly dehydrated,” explains the nutritionist.


“Do a five-minute workout every couple of hours to move and stretch. It will increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism, pumping blood through your muscles and burning calories. ” Give it a try and see: a quick stretch is one of the nicest moments of your brief detox.


Metabolic dysfunction can manifest itself in weight gain, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, decreased energy, food cravings, and sleep problems. A lot of discomfort is also caused by constant heaviness and bloating in the abdomen. To overcome discomfort and kickstart your metabolism to its fullest, lean on drinks that are approved by nutritionists: herbal teas, pure or mineral water, vegetable broths.


Unfortunately, your favorite cocktail and even a glass of prosecco do not fit into the detox program. “Understand a simple thing,” says the expert – Alcohol is toxic for us, which means that the body seeks to process it before other sources of energy. In other words, while the body is busy with alcohol, the rest of the calories will be stored in reserve. Plus alcohol dehydrates the body and overloads the metabolism. If you really need a quick detox, forget about wine and drink more water. ”


A good mood only promotes detox, so do not harass yourself with criticism and thoughts like “why only me” or “everything, never again”. Take it easy, let yourself choose. “No food or drink should be considered illegal,” says the nutritionist – Just divide them into main ones and those that appear on your menu occasionally and in modest volumes. You realize that french fries three times a day for your body are both unhealthy and unpleasant, but sometimes very desirable. So allow yourself, but not often. ” That is, even on the day of detox, if you desperately want chocolate, do not forbid yourself to eat a slice. As long as the choice is made, the process is going in the right direction.