5 Eating Habits To Help You Look Younger

A few simple rules for preserving beauty

Femme4, together with a nutritionist, found out which dietary habits will help maintain skin tone and elasticity, beauty and youth for a long time.

Everyone wants to be healthy, energetic and look younger. And nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting the state of our body and the quality of life in general. What we eat, how much and when, necessarily affects our appearance, activity and emotional state.

It is difficult to deny that often, for example, the presence of excess weight is accompanied by a number of inconveniences, and even problems, both aesthetic and physical, and psychological.

Being overweight isn’t the only result of poor eating habits. Also, a person may observe a deterioration in the quality of the skin of the face and body, dull hair, brittle nails. Healthy eating habits can help you significantly delay the onset of these signs of aging and look much younger than your age.

Avoid overeating

You need to eat enough, but not excessively. To do this, it is important to determine the serving size. The easiest way to understand your serving size is the size of your palm.

Choose and follow a diet plan

Best option: Three main meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner. And two light snacks in between.

Balance your diet

The body needs a sufficient amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BJU) for full-fledged work. You can adhere to the average standards for the ratio of BJU, that is, 30 proteins / 30 fats / 40 carbohydrates. To achieve special individual goals, it is necessary to consult a nutritionist who will select a personal diet.

Choose quality food

What we eat and in what form is of great importance. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to dishes prepared by dietary methods. Boiled, stewed, steamed and grilled. As well as fresh vegetables and fruits.

Maintain water balance

Water helps to speed up metabolism and flushes out toxins, thereby beneficially affects the quality of the skin and helps to reduce excess weight.

If you want to change your lifestyle and attitude towards food, take a closer look at the alkaline diet. This is a nutritional system with partial or complete rejection of foods that “acidify” the body. Any food, when digested, creates an acidic or alkaline reaction in the body. Unlike alkali, acids leave the body with great reluctance and tend to accumulate. In the event that the natural balance between acid and alkali is disturbed, various diseases develop, the state of health worsens, and the aging process accelerates. Consult with a specialist in advance and take the necessary tests.