5 Signs that He is Crazy About You

While it may sound awful to say out loud, it is actually quite common that your partner loves you more than you love him. Or vice versa. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your relationship.

“There’s nothing wrong with one person loving another a little more,” says relationship coach Julie Spire. “As long as you walk together as a couple, there will be times in a relationship when love will shift in one direction or another.” There may also be times when you are one of the partners who is head over heels in love, as well as times when you both feel that everything has cooled down.

The only thing you can do is acknowledge it and then do whatever you can to remove the imbalance of feelings from the relationship.

“See if your love grows over time? Ask a man questions about his life, share his hobbies, ”says relationship expert Megan Hunter.

If your feelings are meant to grow, then your couple will come to balance. If not, then the picture will remain the same: the man will love you more than you love him. Here are the signs of such a relationship:

He constantly apologizes – even when it isn’t necessary.

If your partner apologizes often or when it’s not really necessary, this may be his way of showing his love while keeping the peace. Or it could mean something more.

The same applies to a partner who stands up for you in 100% of cases, even if you are very wrong. “It shows an undying dedication that one person can be more in love and willing to be a little dishonest just to protect another person in a relationship,” says relationship expert Vicky Ziegler.

If it describes your partner, it might just be a good sign that he loves you endlessly and will do anything for you. But it can also be a slippery slope to co-dependency.

He pays attention to every detail

Even if you both do good things for each other, your partner probably goes further by really paying attention to details.

“The way you spend your time is a good indicator of how much you care about someone,” says Certified Consultant David Bennett. – “If your partner puts effort into the little things related to you (for example, cute text messages for no reason, questions about your past day, remembering important dates, etc.), but you can never do these things in return, he invests more. “

He writes much longer messages than you

Speaking of correspondence: Long, detailed messages are usually a sign that someone is head over heels in love. If you can’t reciprocate, it could mean that the man loves you more than you love him.

But it can also be a sign of laziness on your part. If you don’t write very much, be sure to show your love in other ways.

He walks 100 miles for you

Think of all the times your partner has given up everything to help you. If you cannot reciprocate – even in less significant situations, then you are not so passionate about him.

As mentioned above, it’s normal for a relationship to have its ups and downs. And it’s okay when one partner is just a little more in love. But if you can’t muster the strength to make an effort for your partner, it may be better to go your separate ways.

He seems to be attached to you

If your man always chooses to be with you rather than meet a friend at least occasionally, he loves you. But, as mentioned above, this is not always a healthy point.

You will have to set some boundaries and explain that you want to spend a certain amount of time alone with yourself or go about your business. This can be beneficial for both your partner and you.

Chances are, as he gives you more space, you’ll start to miss him and move towards a more even desire to spend time together. Once the two of you discuss how to balance that balance in your relationship, both of you will feel loved and cared for.