9 Things Your Hairdresser Won’t Tell You

We will tell you about the important points that you can better control yourself when going to a hair stylist.

We all know that we need to trust professionals. But we do not always leave the salon satisfied. The beauty industry is overflowing with services and you want to try everything, especially in the hairdresser’s chair. Changing your hairstyle and hair color is the easiest way to feel a change in yourself. But a positive mood will remain only if you know some secrets of “hair tamers”.

Thinning scissors are not for everyone

Very often hairdressers ask whether or not to cut their hair. Give a positive answer only if you have already been cut with thinning scissors and after that it was convenient for you to style your hair.

The fact is that not every hair type is suitable for such a trim. For example, the following types of hair cannot be thinned with such scissors: rare; thin; rough hair (mostly light shades); strongly curly curls.

This is fraught with unpleasant consequences: hair can become shaggy and fluffy. Some professionals generally believe that thinning is created for lazy or inexperienced craftsmen who do it unnecessarily and thus hide their mistakes. Any hairstyle configuration can be made with straight scissors.

Keratin straightening does not heal hair

You can find many opposing opinions regarding keratin hair straightening, but it must be remembered that no matter how nutritious and high-quality the composition is, hair processing takes place under very high temperatures. At 220 degrees (think, this is the temperature at which meat is baked), the hair structure inevitably changes, as with any thermal and chemical procedure.

After keratin straightening, the hair shines due to the fact that it is varnished with highly heated silicones, and this is just a beautiful “wrapper”. Also, some experts raise the question of the dangers of formaldehyde released during the procedure.

Harmful hair treatments

If the technology of dyeing and curling is not followed, you can ruin your hair

Most often, dyeing and perm technologies can be violated. And this is not due to malicious intent, but, for example, due to the inexperience of the hairdresser. If this is your first visit to the salon and you are not sure that everything is done professionally, ask that the paint and chemical solution be diluted with you.

It happens that the hairdresser does not have an oxidizing agent with the required percentage or the mixture for curling is too thick, he begins to dilute it with water. That is, it is trying to bring the solution to the desired consistency or reduce the percentage of oxidant with improvised means. If this happens, then it is better to postpone the coloring or curling session to another day, when all the necessary drugs will be in the salon.

Frequent haircuts are not a panacea for fast hair growth

It is believed that if you trim your hair once every month and a half, it grows faster. But hair is not a plant that is pinched at the tip and sprouts new growth. And scissors in this case do not play the role of a smart gardener.

If you are growing to a specific length, according to top stylist in Los Angeles Justine Mardjan, “All you need to do is keep your hair healthy, groom the ends, and cut your hair a couple of times a year. Believe me, that’s enough. ” Make sure that your hair does not split or break, then you will need to visit the salon only as needed.

No unruly hair, bad grooming and haircut

If the morning styling began to take a long time and the styling result is no longer satisfying, you need to change the hairdresser. Look for a professional who can find a haircut that’s right for you. The hairdresser should pay attention to: hair structure; on the direction of hair growth; for rigidity; on the shape of the head, oval and facial features; to your style.

There is an interesting case on this score: ask the hairdresser to cut you so that after leaving the sea wave you do not have to run for curlers and a hairdryer. In this case, the hairdresser will definitely take into account your natural hair styling.

Better to get the cut than cut

Consider the case when a client comes to the hairdresser and asks a certain length of hair, for example, no higher than the earlobe. The hairdresser begins to remove the length from wet hair and does it straight up to the ear. But after blow-drying, the hair is lifted and shorter than intended. Make sure that the hairdresser does not get carried away by cutting the hair. This is especially dangerous when it comes to bangs, every millimeter is important here. There should be a margin of length on wet hair.

If your hair falls out, you need to go not to the hairdresser, but to the trichologist

The reason for brittleness, hair loss and hair cutting must be sought primarily within the body. Dermatologist-trichologist to help you. Without blood tests and hormone levels, it is impossible to understand what causes adverse changes. Three expensive ampoules from a hairdressing hairdresser will not be able to solve your health problem.

A hairdresser shouldn’t turn into a sales manager

In many salons, it is customary to charge bonuses for the sale of cosmetics, additional services and procedures. If you came with a specific goal – to get a haircut, styling, or dye your hair, don’t get fooled by marketing gimmicks. Purchase a jar of miraculous balm the next time you read and consult a professional about its “healing” effect. Pay attention to how the hairdressing hairdresser behaves, he should not turn into an active sales manager.

Transformation from brunette to blonde will take months

Sometimes you want to change your life, and for this, first of all, radically change your hair color. Before embarking on a big change, you need to know that business is not quick. For example, to turn from a brunette to a blonde, it will take several sessions. A gentle method of gradual lightening of hair involves several visits to the hairdresser and no more than once every three weeks. That is, the transformation will take more than one month. If you were offered to turn from Sophia Loren into Marilyn Monroe the first time, find another hairdresser.