10 Common Mistakes of Well-Groomed Woman

Each of us wants to look good: we spare no time for personal care, money for good cosmetics, and energy for fitness. However, even the most avid beauty lovers make these mistakes! Check yourself: for sure you, too, make the typical mistakes of a well-groomed young lady.

10 common mistakes a well-groomed woman makes

1. Use foam for washing only in the evening

Many girls are convinced that you need to wash your face with foam or a special gel only in the evenings, when you wash off your makeup. But in the morning it is supposedly enough to rinse your face with water so as not to disturb the natural pH of the skin. In fact, everything is completely different! In the morning, your skin also needs a thorough cleansing – you need to remove the remains of the night cream and skin secretions to loosen the pores and allow the skin to breathe.

2. You wash your face with cold water

Well, yes, your grandmother told you that in the morning you need to wash yourself with cold water so that you can be fresh and shine later. Nothing like this! Cold water leads to vasoconstriction (hello, nasty “stars”!), Dryness and peeling of the skin. The optimum temperature for washing is room temperature, + 24-25 degrees. Then you will really glow.

3. You often use a hair mask

Most hair masks, especially professional ones, have a small print on the back that says “Use once a week.” The fact is that this recommendation should be taken literally – the mask is applied along the entire length of the hair, excluding the root zone, only once a week. And in no case should you replace your usual hair conditioner with a mask. What will happen? Instead of strengthening and moisturizing, you will get brittle hair: “overfed” with beneficial substances, it becomes weak, too soft and prone to splitting.

4. Shave your legs with soap or shower gel

It’s just legs! Why transfer shaving foam to them? Well, then do not be surprised that the skin of the legs dries very much, and also increases the risk of cuts and scratches. Shaving foam moisturizes and creates a protective “cushion” between the skin and the blade, but the gel, on the contrary, dries the skin, making it more vulnerable.

5. Do not dry your hair with a hairdryer: “Let them rest”

Sometimes you give your hair a real “holiday” by letting it dry naturally. Well, we hasten to disappoint you: this is a mistake. On long hair, water evaporates slowly, its molecules squeeze proteins out of the hair structure, making it brittle. Is there a way out of the situation? Of course there is: dry with a hairdryer, but with cold air.

6. Scrub problematic skin

As soon as rashes or blackheads appear on the skin, you rush to clean it as soon as possible – scrubs, peels and even electric brushes are used. But this is just a fatal mistake! You cannot touch any pimples at all – with the help of a scrub you will only spread the “infection” all over your face. If you have problems, on the contrary, use the most gentle cleansing foams and temporarily stop using any aggressive cleansing methods. All this entertainment is only for clear skin!

7. Spray perfume on your hair

You, of course, have heard that it is the hair that retains the scent of perfume for the longest time. Yes, it is, but only any eau de toilette or perfume contains alcohol, which means that it mercilessly dries your hair – then don’t be surprised that your hair has become so dry.

8. I started using anti-age products in advance

There is a misconception that if you start using anti-aging products earlier, your skin will stay youthful longer. In reality, everything is a little different: you simply “overfeed” the skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid. Even if she still perfectly produced elastin on her own, addiction can occur, and in the future anti-age will no longer help – when it is really needed.

9. Do not apply cream on the décolleté area

We all know perfectly well that moisturizer should be applied to the face and neck 2 times a day. Have you forgotten about the neckline? Here she is the first to give out your age in 20 years! To prevent this from happening, stop being greedy – pay attention to the delicate skin of the neckline, then you will only be grateful to yourself.

10. Pluck your eyebrows before applying makeup

Not many girls remember that eyebrow plucking and makeup are two rituals that are in no way compatible and should not occur one after the other. Most often, we first pinch the extra hairs, shaping the eyebrows, and then we start to paint. Despite the redness and the fact that tiny wounds have formed in place of the hairs, ready to take any infection. Then a little shadow will definitely fall on this area or an eyebrow pencil will be applied. Perfectly! It is most correct to correct the eyebrows, for example, in the evening – overnight the skin will have time to calm down, and you can start making up without a twinge of conscience.